Do you think Prime Minister Najib should resign ? Why ?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Democracy in Malaysia was successfully introduced to the entire world last Saturday. This historical event is greatly contributed by the country’s Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, who was too busy with his work to the extent that he had forgotten his promise of permitting BERSIH 2.0 to be held in Independence Stadium (Stadium Merdeka), after his meeting with the King and the BERSIH 2.0 committee.

From the rally, citizens could witness how effectively the Malaysian Royal Police or Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) and the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) were being utilized to assist the crowd by shutting down the capital city Kuala Lumpur with roadblocks and setting up check points to ensure public safety. Besides, the friendly and caring police forces gathered them together in one place and fired tear gas canisters and chemical-laced water from all directions to guide the huge crowd to follow the correct route to the stadium on that day.

Unfortunately, according to local newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia, The Star, New Straits Times and China Press, there were many stubborn demonstrators who disobeyed the law and fought against the authorities. The newspapers further illustrated and explained that the police’s brutal actions were merely counteraction against the offensive public who refused to be arrested. These brave and responsible police, whom we can hardly see their competency, could handle difficult situation such as firing tear gas canisters into Tung Shin hospital precinct without causing any harm to the patients and arrested protesters who hid themselves in the hospital (Perhaps the police were afraid that the patients in the hospital might be taken as hostages). This proved the Malaysian Royal Police’s intelligence in justifying the complex scenario, which takes arresting the ‘terrorists’ as the primary task(patients' health is secondary). What a wise decision to make!

Despite the numerous injuries and a death caused by the unreasonably overreacted measures and actions taken against the peaceful rally, Home Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein proudly praised the police for carrying their duties efficiently and had successfully minimized the chaos from outburst. Moreover, the Prime Minister kindly mocked at the rally, claiming that it was just a minority of people who turned out that day. He added that this group of people cannot reflect the majority who yearn to reform electoral system, but the interesting thing is that his talent of acting was clearly shown when he publicly laughed the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who suffered from injuries caused by the tear gas, imitating the way he groaned in agony with compassion.

However, Najib’s effort of promoting democracy and human rights was not appreciated by the public, as well as international organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which wrote him a joint letter to voice their dissatisfaction on Najib’s ways of handling this peaceful rally 'peacefully'. They considered all these actions taken to counter the peaceful protest as unnecessary and totally uncalled-for, as it is not political motivated to topple the ruling government as mentioned by the BN politicians. It is completely unreasonable as some activists were detained under the Emergency Ordinance for ‘waging war against the King’.

Again, Malaysia has earned its fame globally, in terms of its counter-terrorism and respecting democracy as well as human rights, and this further helps to promote tourism in Malaysia. Today, I believe the public can understand why Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen claimed that the ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ Facebook page costs RM 1.8 million.

That is the voice of the people.

Friday, July 8, 2011


In conjunction with the BERSIH 2.0 event, this blog is now officially relaunched to view the latest political arena in Malaysia. Firstly, why BERSIH? The answer is simple, because it’s KOTOR!

Many of us believe that BERSIH 2.0 will remind us of what happened on the 10th of November 2007, when the Bersih Rally was first held in Kuala Lumpur (Dataran Merdeka and Istana Negara). The peace rally, organized by the NGOs and Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance – PKR, DAP and PAS) which was meant for good – aiming to reform the electoral process in Malaysia was proudly declared illegal, and worse still, the unarmed patriots, the innocence were treated well by the ruling government (Barisan Nasional) when the Malaysian riot police, or the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) served them with tear gas and chemical burst. This special response team, which supposed to be deployed to counter any emergency and public unrest were effectively used by the government to promote ‘democracy, Malaysian style’, as reported by Al-Jazeera English, an international 24-hour English news based in the middle east.

From the Youtube video showing the phone interview entitled ‘Menteri Bodoh Zainuddin jawab Aljazeera’, we can see the wisdom of the country’s Information Minister at that time, Zainuddin Maidin, as he proudly claimed that there’s democracy in the country when BERSIH was illegalized and the participants were dispersed with tear gas and water. This smart former chief editor of Utusan Malaysia (Malaysian Courier)- the so-called ‘penyebar fikiran rakyat’ (some call it ‘pencemar fikiran rakyat’), the most popular Malay language pro-government newspapers in Malaysia due to its truthful, reliable and independent news, had again successfully embarrassed the country by mocking at the Al Jazeera for taking the source of news from the opposition and not the government. He further added that it was unnecessary to hold the rally for the electoral system in Malaysia is clean enough to be relied on. As a result of the mass arrest and prosecutions done by the authorities, the Barisan Nasional government created a memorable history in Malaysia by losing its 2/3 majority in the general elections 2008, securing only 57% of the popular votes.

Tomorrow, 9th of July 2011, BERSIH 2.0 will be held officially, not just in Malaysia, but also throughout the world (United Kingdom, United States of America, Scotland, Ireland, France, Cabana, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and etc.) Despite the support, assistance and effort provided by the ruling government, such as demonizing the peace rally and its organizers Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and the committee members for being rebellious to the King and the country, accusing the opposition for attempting to overthrow the government through riots, banning the 91 influential figures from entering Kuala Lumpur, ‘protecting’ citizens with yellow shirts in police stations, having the police to set up roadblocks to smoothen the traffic flow and even sending 'encouraging' emails to the students (JPA scholars) in oversea, our Malaysian society has given good respond to participate in the gathering.

Many may question the possible result that may unlikely to take place after the event, in terms of bringing best benefit to the public and the country. However, what is more critical to us to understand is the importance of maintaining good governance in a country, in terms of credibility, accountability and transparency (CAT). Thus, we must not underestimate every single vote in our hands, for it is the collective power formed by every citizen that determines the bright future of a country. Every citizen has the right to voice out the weakness and shortcomings in government’s administration as it is indeed the citizens’ rights to decide the best for them and their children.

Some wise BN politicians gently ‘advised’ citizens not to be tooled and be fooled by the oppositions to grab the country’s administrative power, but are we ready to be used by the present authorities for a better country with ‘clean’ politicians and corruption-free government, promoting the freedom of speech and rights with Internal Security Act (ISA), respecting the freedom of press by acquiring the ownerships of all the main stream medias such as newspapers and televisions channels in Malaysia? Remember, the first BERSIH was able to attract more than 30000 Malaysians and tomorrow, BERSIH 2.0 is expected to draw more than 100000 patriots.

We are not alone, just that if you are attending this event in Malaysia, you must be extra careful, lest you may end up in police lockup, hospital intensive care unit (ICU) or …

Last but not least, have you registered as a voter?

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - John Dalberg-Acton

That is the voice of the people.

Monday, May 31, 2010


GAS(Gerakan Anti Samy) or the Anti-Samy movement was carried out smoothly with low turnout, which was approximately 3500 members only. However, their spirit and determination is so strong that they are willing to face any disciplinary action without fear in order to voice out their dissatisfaction to the longest-serving MIC president, S. Samy Vellu. As we all know, this movement was raised by the former MIC deputy youth chief, V Mugilan, who was sacked just because of requesting the party president to resign immediately. His action was supported by a few central committee members who were then expelled from the party for the same reason.

Samy Vellu, the MIC legendary has served as the party president for 31 years since 1979, after the death of the former MIC president, V. Manickavasagam. Meanwhile, he has been a Member of Parliament for 36 years and served as a Cabinet Minister for more than 30 years as well, and all these had already clearly stated in The Malaysia Books of Records. In fact, his fellow comrades, Dr. Mahathir, Dr. Ling Liong Sik, Dr. Lim Keng Yaik had already stepped down from their own political parties and are now enjoying their lives after retirement. Hence, he can be considered the very last man who refuses to resign even after he lost his nickname ‘Lion of Sungai Siput’ in the 2008 General Elections.

If we look back to the history of the MIC, Samy Vellu was similar to Mugilan today, an energetic and young politician who used to defend the interest of the party for a better future. Nonetheless, the response that they got from this honourable old man was ‘I will resign earlier if I was given another post outside the party’. Before that, this experienced and capable politician had already predicted all these incidents said, ‘I will not be a fool. I will eliminate those who destroy the party’.

Now, the question is - Who is jeopardizing the MIC ? I believe the MIC members know the answer.

That is the voice of the people.

Friday, May 28, 2010




之前也是财政部长的首相纳吉不是高调地说马来西亚的经济成长率不是大幅度地提高了吗?他不是说到大马有望成为高收入的先进国吗?他不是慷慨地分别在乌雪派了3百万令吉帮助华小与诗巫承诺了5百万令吉来治水吗?他的下属-马华女强人黄燕燕医生不是在中国砸了几千万令吉来建造一个“夜市型”(Pasar Malam Style)的米南加保(Minangkabau)世博馆来响应今年以主题“城市,让生活更美好”的上海世博吗?这些钱从何得来?这一系列的动作不都显示了大马傲人的财富吗?



Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sejak bermulanya pilihanraya kecil kawasan parlimen Sibu, kita percaya bahawa semua rakyat Malaysia sudah pasti tahu bahawa wujudnya satu tempat yang dikenali sebagai Sibu. Bagi penduduk di Malaysia Timur (Sabah dan Sarawak), Sibu adalah antara bandar utama yang penting dan terkenal dalam aspek pentadbiran, pentadbiran serta pelancongan. Akan tetapi, berapa ramai orang yang betul-betul tahu tentang sejarah Sibu ?

Pada zaman 1900-an, pembangunan bandar Sibu bermula dengan kedatangan saudagar-saudagar Cina dari Foochow, China yang diketuai oleh Wong Nai Siong. Setelah beliau mengadakan perbincangan dan perjanjian dengan pihak British, iaitu Gabenor James Brooke pada masa itu, perubahan yang besar telah berlaku di Sibu sehingga bandar itu menjadi tempat yang terpenting selain Kuching dan Miri. Antara tempat yang membanggakan penduduk Sibu termasuk pasar pusat Sibu (Sibu Central Market), candi Tua Pek Kong (大伯公庙) dan papan penunjuk tempat yang mempunyai bahasa Cina.

Hari ini, kalau kita lihat keadaan Sibu,kebanyakan penduduknya masih adalah kaum Cina yang mencapai 60%, diikuti dengan kaum Iban dan Melanau. Selain itu, penduduk Sibu juga telah biasa dengan satu tradisi yang diwarisi sejak dahulu, iaitu banjir semasa hujan lebat. Pada masa yang sama, kita dapat lihat perbezaan taraf kehidupan, kesihatan dan kemudahan awam adalah sangat tinggi. Semua masalah ini dapat diselesaikan dengan serta-merta oleh Perdana Menteri kita yang berwibawa, Najib dalam insiden apabila beliau dengan murah hatinya menjanjikan RM 500,0000 kepada penduduk-penduduk Rejang Park tetapi dengan syarat Barisan Nasional menang dalam pilihanraya kecil Sibu.

Dalam perkara ini, kita tertanya-tanya tentang persoalan yang sama seperti dalam kisah Hulu Selangor.Pihak mana yang patut bertanggungjawab ? Bukankan setiap tahun kerajaan kita yang kaya akan memperuntukkan sejumlah wang kepada wakil-wakil rakyat untuk membantu memajukan kawasan masing-masing ? Mengapakah perkara yang membanggakan rakyat Malaysia ini boleh berlaku ?

Kawasan tempat terlalu besar ? Bilangan penduduk terlalu ramai ? Jumlah wang terlalu sedikit ? ‘Feng Shui’ tak baik atau Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud terlalu tua ? Saya rasa soalan-soalan ini terlalu sukar untuk dijawab.

Keputusan pilihanraya kecil Sibu sudah menjadi kenyataan, iaitu Wong Ho Leng dari DAP telah berjaya menawan semula kawasan tersebut sejak 1982 dengan memperolehi 18845undi dan Robert Lau Hui Yew dari SUPP mendapat 18447 undi. Akhirnya Kerajaan BN telah gagal menawan hati masyarakat di Sibu dengan kekurangan 398 undi, iaitu hasil daripada perbelanjaaan lebih daripada seratus juta. Tetapi apa yang saya tidak akan lupakan adalah makanan tradisi Sibu yang masih kekal sama seperti Kampua noodles(干盘面) dan Dian Mian Hu(鼎边糊). Saya berharap keadaan penduduk-penduduk di Sibu dapat berubah dan sekiranya saya berpeluang, saya pasti akan melawat ke Sibu untuk mencuba pelbagai jenis makanan tradisi ini.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Nama Pertandingan : Pilihanraya Kecil
Tempat : Sibu, Sarawak
Tarikh: 8 – 16 h/b Mei 2010
Nama peserta-peserta:

1.Robert Lau Hui Yew (BN – SUPP)
2.Wong Ho Leng (PR – DAP)

Kedua-dua wakil ini adalah calon utama kerana mereka mendapat sokongan pihak masing-masing.
(BN- UMNO, MCA, MIC dan GERAKAN manakala PR – PKR, DAP dan PAS)

3.Narawi Haron (bebas)
Wakil ini adalah calon sampingan kerana dia dikatakan pasti kalah.

Barisan Nasional berlawan dengan Pakatan Rakyat
Pusingan Pertama
Kedua-dua calon adalah peguam yang mempunyai latar belakang profesional.
1 : 1

Pusingan Kedua
BN mendapat sambutan daripada 3000 penyokong, berbanding dengan PR yang hanya mempunyai kira-kira 300 penyokong pada hari penamaan calon.
1 : 0

Pusingan Luar Biasa 1
Perdana Menteri kita, Najib yang juga Menteri Kewangan dengan murah hatinya memberi bantuan kewangan sebanyak RM 1800,0000 kepada sekolah-sekolah yang membabitkan 60 Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (RM 10 juta) di Sibu, 5 sekolah menengah persendirian Cina Sibu (RM 5 juta), Sekolah Kebangsaan St Mary Sibu (RM 1 juta) dan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sacred Heart Sibu (RM2 juta), berbanding dengan pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang tidak mempunyai modal politik yang begitu besar.
1 : 0

Pusingan Luar Biasa 2
Perdana Menteri Najib telah mengalahkan pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat sekali lagi dengan memberi bantuan kewangan sebanyak RM 3000,0000 kepada masyarakat Iban yang miskin dan menjanjikan RM 500,0000 kepada penduduk Rejang Park sekiranya BN menang.
1 : 0

Pusingan Luar Biasa 3
Kehadiran Perdana Menteri Najib telah menarik perhatian daripada lebih kurang 3000 orang manakala ceramah politik yang dianjur oleh pihak DAP berjaya mendapat perhatian daripada lebih kurang 15000 orang pada malam sebelum pilihanraya kecil.
0 : 1

Pusingan Terakhir
? : ?

Kita tunggu dan lihatlah keputusan esok.


About 10 years ago, Anwar Ibrahim, our Deputy Prime Minister, was arrested and imprisoned for charges of sodomy and corruption against him. These series of actions were claimed to be political motivated as its purpose was to eliminate the increasing support and influence of Anwar in the ruling government at that time. The ‘Reformasi’ (Reformation) movement was born as to protest the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim and later, this movement by the coalition of different parties formed the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) or the People’s Justice Party.

The PKR was then led by Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah, a tough and independent lady who has strong faith that one day, justice will release her husband despite many obstacles and difficulties that are unpredictable. Her dream was finally fulfilled as we could see her happiness when Anwar won in the Permatang Pauh by-election and he was appointed to be the opposition leader of the Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance), a coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS.

Today, Anwar was alleged for the sodomy trial again. This 63 year-old opposition leader was accused of sodomising his ex-political aide, a 24 year-old young man named Saiful. Despite many critiques controversial issues about this case, either nationally or internationally, the powerful prosecutors are still able to handle the professional defense counsels led by prominent criminal lawyer Karpal Singh, who is also the Chairman of the DAP. Although the defense team had tried their best to appeal and apply for the rightful evidence, they are still unable to obtain any point of advantages from the fair judge.

Looking at the current situation, many people worry that the history will repeat itself, even though they ask the same question among themselves,
'How does an old man sodomise a young man?’

That is the voice of the people.


Our respective police force, Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM) or the Royal Malaysian Police Force is getting restless, not because of the increasing crime rates in our society, but it is due to self-disciplinary problem. From the incident of the 14 years old boy, Aminulrasyid Amzah, who was shot dead by a police corporal while escaping from the police, we can actually learn a few lessons,

1.) Do not drive without a license
2.) Do not try to run away from the police if you have offended any law.
3.) Do not do anything silly or unusual when you see the police.

The reason is simple because one may be shot by the police for any of the above reasons. However, we cannot really blame the police for all these. We should understand that the crime rate in Malaysia is still high, even though our IGP (Inspector General of Police) Musa Hassan had proudly announced that the KPI of our police force is reaching 113%, which is beyond the excellent level.

However, if you are still worry about your safety, you can surrender yourself whenever you meet the police on the road by following the instruction as below,

1.) Get off your car immediately
2.) Squat down quickly
3.) Put your hands on your head

We believe the above steps can secure your life.

That is the voice of the people.